Video Advertising for Businesses

video advertising
The Effectiveness of Video Advertising

There is a plethora of methods to market a service or product via the internet. Any advertiser can choose from radio advertising, print ads, online campaigning, etc. to enhance exposure. But a big part of an advertiser’s job is to keep up with new trends and techniques in marketing strategies. Older methods of marketing are being overlooked for more innovative methods to catching the eye of the consumer and Video advertising is taking the cyber world by storm.

The motive behind video advertising is an impressively effective tactic. The human brain is wired to process visual content faster than text-only content such as print ads or email campaigns. It’s easier and more effective for humans to retain useful information via videos since the brain will be focused on processing the visual information versus dissecting a written article. According to, approximately 95% of a message will be stored and remembered after watching it contrasting to the 10% of information that will be retained after simply reading it. This can explain why consumers have driven skilled video advertising to the top. The less work a viewer’s brain has to do in order to remember an attractive idea, the more likely they are to recognize your brand. Studies have proven that businesses who utilize videos to market their business have received much better results. According to, not only is a business 53% more likely to show up first on SERP’s if they promote via videos, but consumers will be likely to spend more time on a company’s webpage (approx. 88% more time)  if their video ads are enticing enough; which can potentially lead to more shares and exposure.

On another account, videos circulate almost effortlessly. Thanks to social media, sharing videos is easier than it ever has been. With features like Twitter’s retweet button or Facebook’s “share” perk; engaging, attractive, and agreeable videos will cycle though a constant flow of free advertising! That’s right, when big numbers of consumers are candidly sharing an advertiser’s content, the returned publicity and exposure is a costless advantage of creating exceptional video composition. Today, over three quarters of Americans own a smartphone. With that number constantly rising, so does video consumption. 92% of these mobile video consumers will end up sharing the content with others and in turn, effectively expanding the exposure of a business like clockwork. Lee Marketing & Advertising Group INC has a complete video department and has the ability to create videos for their clients. Are you interested in videos for your business? Please call or click now…

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