What is Traditional Marketing?

traditional marketing
Traditional Marketing Breakdown and Benefits

Traditional marketing is a strategic approach used to reach broad audiences and bring in customers or clientele for a business’ growth. There have become countless methods to market a business but there are multitudes of categories that can fall under the traditional marketing umbrella. These categories can enhance the exposure of a business in a more distinct and noticeable approach.

Print marketing is the oldest form of marketing and under this category it fits things like advertisements in newspapers, magazines, newsletters or brochures. Any type of ad that is printed for the purpose of exposure and distribution is referred to as print marketing or print ads. The next type of traditional marketing is a subdivision of the prior. Direct mail marketing works by way of postal services that mail printed materials such as fliers, postcards, catalogs, brochures, etc. directly to the consumers.

The most prominent and recognizable form of traditional marketing is via television and radio. On average, Americans spend approximately 5 hours in front of the television. With this in mind, marketers can take full advantage of reaching their audience through this medium. The modern and leisurely activity of sitting in front of the television gives marketers the ability to stretch their publicity across more diversified audiences. Placing advertisements or paying for commercial time lets companies show off their businesses or service when consumers are most attentive to what’s in front of them. Not only that, but it gives an advertiser a chance to become creative with their commercials and associate brands with a vibrant and attractive popular personality.

Radio advertising is another form of marketing that focuses on specifically purchasing on air commercials. Even with competitors such as digital radio, car stereos, and other sources utilized by listeners, radio is still a feasible means of exposure. Radio is great for reaching national attention or reaching a more targeted demographic that fits a business’ niche. This form of advertising can be very budget friendly and the ability to target times in which people are most likely listening can be good for any business as it holds the advantage of reaching an audience.

Although digital marketing is growing, it doesn’t mean television and radio aren’t effective mediums. Traditional marketing is prevalent in today’s world of advertising because these platforms are still beneficial for businesses because it keeps their products and/or services in the public eye. Lee Marketing & Advertising Inc. is skilled in both traditional and digital marketing and can create a marketing plan utilizing both forms of advertising to get the recognition your company deserves.  

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