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Paid Advertising

You Invest in Paid Advertising, We Work – And Together We Win!
Money isn’t everything – but in Advertising, it’s something. Creativity and ingenuity can take your brand far, but paid advertising can take your business further. Whether it’s to get your message viral online, getting your business to pop up in the search engine, we got your company covered.

Google AdWords

Money Can't Buy Love, but it Can Buy Clicks
When consumers search for a service your company provides, of course, your business would want the website to pop up in the search engine. Paying moolah to utilize Google AdWords is called SEM. It's like SEO, but with an M – for money. Kidding aside, it actually means "Search Engine Marketing." In SEM, search engines sell keywords to the highest bidder. What's great about this is that your company just has to pay every time a consumer clicks your search engine ad. Thus, instead of driving traffic organically, your company will pay for keywords and clicks.

Depending on your budget, our Google-certified wizards can design a hardcore search engine advertising campaign, build wicked text ads, manage bids, and throw on-point keywords to target potential leads.

Money can't buy love, but it can buy clicks. Sometimes, that's enough.

Media Buys

Put the "Yeah!" in Media
Your market may still utilize TV, radio, and print ads - no worries, these forms of advertising are still lucrative and effective . Lee Marketing Media Buying has your company's back!

Lee Marketing will grab the most strategic media slots for your media advertisement. We maintain good relationships with media representatives to ensure that our clients receive the best packages and efficient media placement. We have connections in the media industry in and out of the state to reach the widest audience possible. What's more, lead generation will be monitored to make sure that the current media plan is still creating rewarding tactics for your business.

Lee Marketing will handle all the media buys that your company needs for an effective strategy and return on investment.

Social Media Advertising

Do it for the Snap, Do it for the ‘Gram
ICYMI (in case you missed it): paid advertising and sponsored content are now available on social media. Everybody is on FB and the gram nowadays, so what better medium to put your ads in? This is lit especially if your business is targeting the younger generation, particularly the Generation X, the Millennials, and the Generation Z.

The Lee Marketing paid advertising mavens will make sure that each ad reaches the right person at the right place at the right time at the right price! Talk about getting the best bang for your buck.
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Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing.

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