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Content Marketing


Unleash Radical Thoughts With Content Marketing

Rise as an industry leader by unleashing bold and compelling content for your audience. Drive organic traffic that will yield to sales through ingenious content marketing.
An outburst of creative thoughts will fuel the execution of your website, blog, emails, or even your press release materials. As your brand’s marketing mastermind, it is our mission to make your voice resonate across all marketing platforms available.
Our end goal is to:
+ Ignite brand awareness
+ Forge organic traffic
+ Capture the target market
+ Transform clicks to sales

Web Content

Make Your Presence Known
Be yourself. It's our job to let other people know who you are.
Who are you? What do you do? Who do you cater to? We, Lee Marketing, will add fuel to the fire of your website by helping you answer these questions through impactful and innovative web content.

Blog Writing

Words are our Weapon
Maximize your online power by exploiting the impact of words. Utilizing blogs is one of the best tactics to drive organic traffic through content marketing. Stir up the internet with interesting, yet useful articles told through your brand's unique voice. Each blog piece is loaded up with fresh words and phrases to boost your website's relevance on the web.

Email Marketing

Fire up Unconventional Email Blasts
Dare to share your latest news and promotions with compelling email announcements. With the barrage of emails typically received every day, it is important to fire up creative and interesting email blasts in order to stand out. Direct marketing has never been so explosive with our unconventional email marketing strategy.


Publish Thought-Provoking Videos
Provoke the human heart and mind with interesting videos that embody your brand. Maintain the audience's attention through sharp and well-written shorts that speak to your brand's demographics. Our experienced creative team has the capability to produce animations, narratives, instructional videos, etc. – the possibilities are endless! We, Lee Marketing, keep your target market in mind during the writing process up until the video goes live. This ensures that the video message resonates even way past the very last second.

Press Release Writing

Defying the PR Norm
Resist the old-school PR strategies. Shake your competitors and convey your call to action through guerilla press release writing and distribution methods. Maintain your brand's unique face and good reputation by defying the tired and overused content marketing procedure.

Are you ready to take part in our movement towards beyond-the-norm content marketing?
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Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.

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