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Own Your Identity With Branding

What is your company? What is your business about? Who does your business serve? What do people say about your business when you’re not in the room? What’s your branding? Your business’ brand is your identity. Sure, it could be a symbol, a set of colors, or a registered trademark. Simply, it is how people identify your business. It is how your target market feels about your business. It is what your business is. It is who your company stands for and is it different? Suit up and stand out. Lee Marketing can help your company identify your target market, and then paint the image that would compel them. We will ensure that your voice blasts through a megaphone and your business’s face stand out from all your marketing materials.

Logo Design

Face them with a Fearless Face
Your logo is your business's face. It is what your customers see in their minds when they think about your services. Your logo should be bold and striking, yet trustworthy like your services. It is your vision in a symbol. Do not conform to the comfortable and boring logos that all look the same. Your logo should be your own, and Lee Marketing is here to make it happen.

Marketing Collateral

Brochures, not bombs. Business cards, not bullets.
Everything you distribute reflects your business. We do not want your reflection to end up in the trash bin. Our creative geniuses can find the right flavor between informative and interesting as we create exceptional marketing materials that include flyers, graphics, business cards, and brochures.

Brand Guidelines

Play by Your Own Rules
Created your business, now your company creates the brand. With Lee Marketing, your company does not have to follow anybody else's brand guidelines. Whether it is your brand's typography, logo, or color palette – your company can have its own set of rules and be consistent with it!

Graphic Design

Profesh on the street, Gangsters on Adobe Suite.
The Lee Marketing creative crew may seem like your typical corporate employees, but beware - we are far from "typical." We unleash our inner gangster through our work. We manipulate creative suites as easily as if we are merely drinking water. The results? Daring and extraordinary graphics that embodies your business!

Social Media Graphics

Tweets, Snaps, and Grams Redefined
Social media is more than just posting and re-gramming random pictures you see online. Lee Marketing creates well-targeted social media graphics that are sure to make your business trend!
Lee Marketing ensures that your brand stands out from the crowd. Find your brand, and own it. If your company does not own a brand, then does your business even exist?
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You have to be someone.

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