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Audio & Video Production

Fire your Deadliest Shot
Call the shots. Play with the big shots. Make your shot count with Lee Marketing’s full video production and audio production services. In terms of production, Lee Marketing’s creative troop not only fires the deadliest shots but also produces the best ones with decades of experience and boundless vision.
From the conceptualization process up to the actual streaming of your video or audio project, Lee Marketing’s production team exudes excellence every step of the way. Whether it is a 15-second spot on the radio or a full-blown two-hour animated film, we can shoot, produce, and publish any kind of audio and video material you could imagine.
We are master storytellers. “High definition” is an understatement with the magic that our in-house creative team has the capacity to craft. If your company is out of ideas, we will provide them for your business. If your company dream is too big, Lee Marketing will make it a reality. We spend hours brainstorming, researching, strategizing and writing the perfect scripts. We shoot at locations that will maximize your concept. We are equipped with the latest technology and limitless imagination to produce the highest quality materials for digital, television or anything platform your company desires.
Our video production team has an extensive background in producing documentary, film, music videos, instructional videos, advertisements, short web spots, YouTube videos, narratives, and any other platform that is needed. Basically, anything that a camera and a microphone can capture, Lee Marketing can produce and process!
Our services include:



+ Scriptwriting and Development
+ Production Management
+ Location and Talent Scouting
+ Production Design
+ Lighting


+  Videography
+  Green and White Screen Utilization
+  Live Event Coverage
+  On-site Video


+ Post-Process and Video Editing
+ Motion Graphics

Audio Production

+ Audio Production
+ Scoring
+ Sound recording and editing
+ Sound design
Forget 1920×1080. If you desire bold and original audio and video production service in as high as 7680×4320, we are your best shot. Lee Marketing will make it happen!
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The idea that cinema can be dangerous is a great idea.

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