How Lee MAG Stays Community Oriented

community oriented
Lee Marketing and Advertising Group Thrives with Community Oriented Mindset

It was only fitting when Lee Marketing & Advertising Group INC recently loaded up the moving vans and made the big move from midtown Sacramento to East Sacramento. The distance between the two? A casual lunchtime stroll straight up J Street, a couple miles of footsteps from one neighborhood to its adjoining neighborhood grid; another example of Lee MAG’s community oriented philosophy.

From the staff of experienced professionals to a client list of reputable Sacramento businesses, Lee MAG’s CEO Kenton Lee, a long time East Sac resident, takes great pride in being a part of the Sacramento community. Lee MAG finds that their dedication and focus on working with small to mid-sized local businesses serves as an investment in the community itself. Working to strengthen its clients’ business by raising profit margins and increasing their growth is rewarding for the Sacramento economy on the whole. Another aspect of being a community oriented company is supporting the various cultural undertakings that give Sacramento its character, from sports franchises like the Sacramento Kings and Sacramento River Cats to theater productions, concerts (you might even catch a show featuring Lee, under his well-traveled K-Dog moniker, on drums), the Crocker Art Museum, business development groups and charity fundraisers, among others. In short, it means being visible, getting involved, being proactive and making an investment in the future of Sacramento.

This also serves clients by creating a leading-by-example culture. Because Lee Marketing & Advertising Group INC stresses to its clients the importance of staying community oriented, they are just as apt to adopt the same type of business principles. So that when a Rubicon Brewing Company sponsors a community event, it helps cement it as a part of the fabric of Sacramento. And folks may be more likely to drop into a familiar business, be it for locally crafted ale at Rubicon or a state-of-the-art spa from Capital City Hot Tubs, a riverside night of music, food and libations at Swabbies on the River or a look under the hood at West Coast Transmission. And as long as we’re mentioning Lee Marketing & Advertising clients, we’d be remiss to leave out locally anchored favorites like the Freeman Law Firm, Viva Supermarket, Adam’s Jewelers and Special T’s and Sports. All of which reap the benefits of their ties to the cultural hub of Sacramento.

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