Graphic Designer: A Creative But Crucial Role

graphic designer
Why Your Business Needs the Help of a Graphic Designer

The concept of “creativity” is an elusive one. It’s often ill-defined, poorly explained and generally misunderstood by those not working in the field. Why is it that graphic designer titles and creative marketing strategies seem under-appreciated by business owners, account managers, department heads and others? Now in the digital age, this profession consists of a whole range of disciplines, including print, illustration, interactive, and perhaps even graffiti art. And the list goes on. Graphic design isn’t just about putting pen to paper or, mouse to pad, and making things look pretty.

We can’t begin to count the number of times we’ve quoted a job and then failed to get the assignment because the client decided that they’d be just as capable of handling the project themselves. Perhaps it’s the influence of our own advertising industry, the fact that a computer has landed on every desk, or the age-old desire for self-expression, but there are still professionals who feel they’re 100% capable of developing their own creative.

As the old cliché goes, a picture tells a thousand words. But when you look closer, beyond the “pretty,” you’ll see the real work of a graphic designer. A Graphic Strategist understands how the human eye works — how and where it will first rest on a printed page. A Graphic Strategist can pinpoint the first pixels you see on the screen the moment your favorite web page loads. We know why one photo is better than another, and that’s not just based on DPI. We’re aware of the emotions created by imagery and color. We understand why blue is better for a bottle of packaged water, than is black or brown. As professional Graphic Strategists, we’re capable of scientifically designing a concept and delivering on the promise of the brand. A Graphic designer is actually a scientist, strategist, and artist — a three-part cocktail of creativity. And as such, in order to be successful at our chosen trade, we should be vastly more concerned with how our pieces “work” than with how they “look.” Both elements play vital roles in the success of your work.

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