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visual communication 
Optimize Your Marketing through Visual Communication

As a highly dynamic industry, advertising is always evolving and expanding. To deliver a message effectively, it is a brand’s responsibility to keep up with the continuous evolution of communication platforms and methods. Advertisers should always strive to follow the latest trends, monitor consumer behavior, as well as examine a campaign’s success. In today’s fast-paced world where everything is ran digitally, the key to an optimized marketing campaign strategy is visual communication.

The 21st Century consumers are visual in nature. This explains the growth of visual aids to accompany text, whether these are images, animated GIFs, or videos. According to Techsmith Blog, a study conducted by Adobe proves that social media posts that include images generate 650% higher engagement than plain text. In addition, the time spend per day watching videos by US consumers grew from an average of 39 seconds a day in 2011 to an average of almost two minutes in 2015.

So, to what extent does visual communication really impact marketing and advertising?

  1. Visuals are Instant

The impact of a visual material engulfs the consumer faster than reading this one little sentence. Since visuals can be process by the brain much faster than it comprehends text, this communication method is preferred by the audience. Moreover, the rich experience provided by visuals grabs and keeps the audience’s attention.


  1. Visuals Provide Clear Message

“Baked snow crab lightly kissed with Chef’s signature sauce wrapped with rice in soy paper… One taste will leave you wanting more.”

 This menu description from a well-known restaurant sounds good, but customers complained about its insinuated imagery through online reviews. Relying on text alone makes a consumer’s imagination work harder and run wild. Visuals provide a clear and unified message in your advertisement. This avoids unnecessary disappointment and vague interpretations.


  1. Visuals Lead to Better Information Consumption

Because images are directly stored in the brain’s long-term memory, the presence of visuals helps audience retain information. Studies have shown that merely 10-20% of text or spoken word is remembered after two weeks, compared to the 50% of the visual content retained.

A smart and powerful advertising campaign strategy should always include impactful visual communication. While complex animations and infographics are always fun and interesting, these are not always necessary. Simple usage of images and short videos can deliver the perfect message if done creatively.

Lee Marketing & Advertising Group, INC can help you conceptualize and execute visual campaigns for your brand.

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customer engagement
Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

While quality service and high sales will always be essential in the growth of a business, it is also important that business owners constantly explore additional measures to ensure that customers are satisfied. Businesses could accomplish this goal through customer engagement. 

Customer engagement is the process of interacting with consumers in between visits and purchases. This is conducted through a variety of methods in order to understand their experiences with regard to the business. Engaging with customers even after the official transaction fosters emotional bond between clients and the business, prompting patrons to come back for a second buy. In fact, a research performed by Gallup illustrates that a fully-engaged market delivers 23% more revenue than average customers. If done right, it could stimulate customers to come back and choose the business over other competitors. This may also pave way for them to refer the brand/product/service to their friends and family, significantly improving sales.

Below are some effective customer engagement strategies that were proven to drive sales and increase revenue:
  1. Prioritize Customer Experience

Delivering excellent and memorable customer experience should always be a company’s first priority. Attaining customer satisfaction and providing an amazing customer experience should be ingrained into each team member through practices in the company culture. Quality customer experience translates to increase loyalty and advocacy. A study conducted by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs manifests that 80% of US consumers are willing to spend more money for a service or product that comes with superior customer experience.

  1. Humanize the Business

Today, there is a plethora of media that can be utilized by businesses to interact with consumers. A business’s personality could resonate better with today’s wide array of available digital technology. Social media, for example, is a powerful tool for engaging clients, in addition to serving as a platform to communicate. Moreover, personal interaction could be strategically undertaken with videos and written content that appeal to clients’ emotions and empathy. These methods could be an instrument to humanize the business by giving it a friendly voice and a trustworthy face.

  1. Communicate Useful Information

Another means to increase customer satisfaction is tactical content marketing. Aside from publishing entertaining and interesting website articles, businesses could educate consumers through useful and informative content. Blog content could include industry information to demonstrate authority and reliability. Moreover, simple tutorial articles have been proven to engage customers and increase website traffic.

  1. Encourage Customer Feedback

The simplest method to recognize customers’ needs is to ask them. People like being heard – plain and simple. Thus, clients appreciate it when businesses take initiative to listen to their concerns. However, soliciting their comments is not enough; business owners actually have to respond to in a timely and efficient manner to show clients that their feedback is warranted.

  1. Reward Loyal Customers

Aside from cultivating new connections, maintaining strongholds must also be a priority for businesses. Thus, it is important for business owners to communicate with loyal consumers and established markets through promotions and offers that are tailored specifically for them.

In today’s world, there are countless ways to create bonds with customers. Since every business wants to foster and retain connections, the basic trick to orchestrating an effective customer engagement strategy is to be out-of-the-box, creative, and of course, genuine. Lee Marketing & Advertising Group can help you nurture client relationships through innovative engagement.

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wordpress site
Let Your Business Reap the Benefits of a WordPress Site

In industries where competition is strong, a powerful website is vital for a business to thrive in the market. A website is imperative not only to launch a business’s momentum, but also to maintain it in the long run. An efficient website is informative, functional, and easy to navigate and explore. Moreover, it should serve as a platform for sale-driving marketing strategies, while being cost-effective and manageable. For most businesses, maintaining a website could be difficult and time consuming. Thus, it is important to invest on a functional platform and proper content management system. With a WordPress site, business owners can oversee their content and apply adjustments as needed without expensive web design applications and complicated technical knowledge.

WordPress is one of the most intuitive systems because of its open source nature. Developers can utilize existing codes without starting from scratch. It utilizes the GPLv2 license that allows website owners to format codes without paying fees. In addition, with a WordPress-powered website, customizing a website’s features and aesthetics can be accomplished without being familiar with programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, among others.

By utilizing WordPress, business owners are given access to over 45,000 plugins for every functionality. This could enhance the website’s utility, as well as boost user experience. Plug-ins give owners the option to extend the website through polls, contact forms, galleries, various widgets without technical support.

WordPress also provides the tools necessary for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through these plug-ins. However, aside from this, search engines could scan and decipher a website’s content faster and more thoroughly due to the clean and simple codes. Every element and subject in a website has its own metatag keywords that can be further optimized.

Next, WordPress can be extremely useful for website owners to share news and articles to their followers through WordPress’s built-I blogging platform. This could immensely assist in making your website more interactive to your market, as well as extend your business’s influence. Since it is browser-based, a WordPress site is also manageable through any computer. It can also be set-up in such a way that multiple users can access it. Since it is cost- efficient, a WordPress site is beneficial and suitable for even the smallest business.

Lee Marketing can create and customize websites that are rich in features, fully functional, and search engine friendly. Call us today for more information on how Lee Marketing can help your business design and create a new website.

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snapchat geofilter marketing
Snapchat Geofilter Marketing in Promoting Local Businesses

While offline marketing remains an essential stage in any advertising and marketing campaign, digital marketing has established a stronghold in connecting to most audience. This is due to the increasing period of time that consumers spend online, drastically transforming purchasing methods and marketing efforts. This led to a dynamic development of various applications, websites, and social media for the specific purpose of marketing and advertising. One of the newest digital gimmicks today is the Snapchat Geofilter marketing tactic.

In July 2014, Snapchat introduced geofilters, which are graphical overlays that users can apply when they are in a specific location. However, during its release, it was solely available in the public and well-known areas. With this, users requested for geofilters that could be created and used for private locations and events. With Snapchat users’ attractive demographics, which, according to comScore, are 70% of 18- to 24-year-olds and 41% of 25- to 34-year-olds, the application developers could not help but concede to the request. While Snapchat marketing ultimately targets the young consumers, entrepreneur.com states that 30% of the application’s 150 million daily users consist of consumers that are 35-year-old and above. With this, Snapchat launched customized on-demand filters.

Snapchat geofilters are not only a fun way for users to enjoy their private events and moments; it is also an extremely valuable and effective marketing tactic if done right. First off, Snapchat geofilters are an excellent method to build brand recognition, especially for local businesses. If a business develops an entertaining and creative geofilter, then users or customers in the area would share snaps of it to their friends or followers, creating a wide organic reach. When used to introduce and established a new product or a service, Snapchat geofilters could aid in forging emotional investment and connection to the user. In addition, when users snap a picture in a proximate location and come across the geofilter, a nearby business or event is automatically promoted.

Moreover, Snapchat geofilter marketing can be maximized by integrating it to a bigger marketing campaign. It could be a contest in creating a customized geofilter for a brand, a Snap challenge that could be uploaded in various social media platforms, among others. The possibilities are almost endless, and marketers could be creative.

Snapchat geofilters could also be utilized for a local business to announce its presence in a community event, such charity walks, career fairs, trade shows, among others. This would prevent competitors or the abundance of other businesses from muting a brand’s presence.

In a case study performed by Buffer, a geofilter for a 700-attendee event gained over 90,000 views and impressions by the end of its 25-hour run, with its total cost just mounting to $30. The best part in utilizing geofilters is that they are relatively affordable: costing $5 per 20,000 square feet, depending on the length of its availability.

Lee Marketing’s experienced social media team can help in driving offline and online traffic to a specific business location, webpage or event. Lee MAG can also help encourage users to generate content and share it through Snapchat geofilter marketing. For information on how Lee Marketing can help your business with social media advertising and marketing, call Lee MAG today.

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community oriented
Lee Marketing and Advertising Group Thrives with Community Oriented Mindset

It was only fitting when Lee Marketing & Advertising Group INC recently loaded up the moving vans and made the big move from midtown Sacramento to East Sacramento. The distance between the two? A casual lunchtime stroll straight up J Street, a couple miles of footsteps from one neighborhood to its adjoining neighborhood grid; another example of Lee MAG’s community oriented philosophy.

From the staff of experienced professionals to a client list of reputable Sacramento businesses, Lee MAG’s CEO Kenton Lee, a long time East Sac resident, takes great pride in being a part of the Sacramento community. Lee MAG finds that their dedication and focus on working with small to mid-sized local businesses serves as an investment in the community itself. Working to strengthen its clients’ business by raising profit margins and increasing their growth is rewarding for the Sacramento economy on the whole. Another aspect of being a community oriented company is supporting the various cultural undertakings that give Sacramento its character, from sports franchises like the Sacramento Kings and Sacramento River Cats to theater productions, concerts (you might even catch a show featuring Lee, under his well-traveled K-Dog moniker, on drums), the Crocker Art Museum, business development groups and charity fundraisers, among others. In short, it means being visible, getting involved, being proactive and making an investment in the future of Sacramento.

This also serves clients by creating a leading-by-example culture. Because Lee Marketing & Advertising Group INC stresses to its clients the importance of staying community oriented, they are just as apt to adopt the same type of business principles. So that when a Rubicon Brewing Company sponsors a community event, it helps cement it as a part of the fabric of Sacramento. And folks may be more likely to drop into a familiar business, be it for locally crafted ale at Rubicon or a state-of-the-art spa from Capital City Hot Tubs, a riverside night of music, food and libations at Swabbies on the River or a look under the hood at West Coast Transmission. And as long as we’re mentioning Lee Marketing & Advertising clients, we’d be remiss to leave out locally anchored favorites like the Freeman Law Firm, Viva Supermarket, Adam’s Jewelers and Special T’s and Sports. All of which reap the benefits of their ties to the cultural hub of Sacramento.

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video advertising
The Effectiveness of Video Advertising

There is a plethora of methods to market a service or product via the internet. Any advertiser can choose from radio advertising, print ads, online campaigning, etc. to enhance exposure. But a big part of an advertiser’s job is to keep up with new trends and techniques in marketing strategies. Older methods of marketing are being overlooked for more innovative methods to catching the eye of the consumer and Video advertising is taking the cyber world by storm.

The motive behind video advertising is an impressively effective tactic. The human brain is wired to process visual content faster than text-only content such as print ads or email campaigns. It’s easier and more effective for humans to retain useful information via videos since the brain will be focused on processing the visual information versus dissecting a written article. According to sheffieldav.com, approximately 95% of a message will be stored and remembered after watching it contrasting to the 10% of information that will be retained after simply reading it. This can explain why consumers have driven skilled video advertising to the top. The less work a viewer’s brain has to do in order to remember an attractive idea, the more likely they are to recognize your brand. Studies have proven that businesses who utilize videos to market their business have received much better results. According to singlegrain.com, not only is a business 53% more likely to show up first on SERP’s if they promote via videos, but consumers will be likely to spend more time on a company’s webpage (approx. 88% more time)  if their video ads are enticing enough; which can potentially lead to more shares and exposure.

On another account, videos circulate almost effortlessly. Thanks to social media, sharing videos is easier than it ever has been. With features like Twitter’s retweet button or Facebook’s “share” perk; engaging, attractive, and agreeable videos will cycle though a constant flow of free advertising! That’s right, when big numbers of consumers are candidly sharing an advertiser’s content, the returned publicity and exposure is a costless advantage of creating exceptional video composition. Today, over three quarters of Americans own a smartphone. With that number constantly rising, so does video consumption. 92% of these mobile video consumers will end up sharing the content with others and in turn, effectively expanding the exposure of a business like clockwork. Lee Marketing & Advertising Group INC has a complete video department and has the ability to create videos for their clients. Are you interested in videos for your business? Please call or click Leemag.com now…

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